Magicians! Behind the Magic!!

Fabuloso and Dupont present an intimate lunchtime soirée of love and toast and magic. And magic. But have you ever wondered what goes on behind the magic?  Gasp! At the sleight behind the hand. Sob! At the tears behind the handkerchiefs. Find out! As the fabulous Fabuloso and Dupont take you… ‘Behind the Magic!’  ‘Magicians!’ is a charmingly riotous tale of spangly leggings, French accents and bad hair. Told by the magicians that were there.

“they strike the most impressive audience deal I have seen all month” – Financial Times

“absolutely brilliant. I basically laughed the entire way through.” – Broadway Baby

“While this is an unashamedly silly show, the simple, joyful energy of these two combined with the self-consciously homemade nature of the props will ensure they charm their way into your heart before the hour is up” – Fest Magazine

Written, directed, performed and magicked with Alex Swift.

Sometimes, magic is a four-letter word.

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